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Naggin Wife,

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The Wife has been naggin me bout splittin the firewood by hand for over a year now. Somethin bout me gettin old and havin a stoke or somethin. Ok, so we go and get this one. For $299.00 it does pretty darn good. But now that we got it, I don't get to use it. She's havin to much fun with it.
(But the wood IS gettin split.
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Sounds like a good plan to get her to do it fer ya ...!! ;)

Mind if I ask the make and what it cost...?
We got this one. Sometimes the logs are to hard for the splitter to split, when that happens I just split 1/4 of it and not down the middle. It's a nice machine tho, If it can't split them, it backs off by itself.
Thanks hobbles...appreciate it !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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