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    I'm not sure if this way is right or wrong, but it's how I do it and why.
    When I start my re loadin process, the first thing I do is clean the brass. Then I de prime em and make sure I can feel the die workin. If I don't pressure from the primer hole, I throw them.
    Next I will put the crimp in the brass, again,, if I don't feel pressure, I throw em away.
    Then I will prim em and they then go in the ready container.
    Then I will ad the powder and the bullet and set the OAL. Then they go into the containers to be fired.
    I used to do the crimp and powder and bullet at the same time like they are set up for. But by that time you are stuck with what you have. To me, it's an improvement on the finished product.
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    Simple yet effective...nice hobbles !

  3. David

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    While I'm not much into reloading, I can comment on the above statement; I'll say what has been said to me about choosing defensive handguns and ammo: if it works for you, then that's what's best for you!
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    Sounds good to me. I get lazy sometimes and don't even clean the brass. But I do clean the crud out of the primer pockets.
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    Mornin PV,
    That's the important part, the rest is just cosmetic anyway.