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my partner.....

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My four legged partner is the smelliest, most fearless partner I have ever had. The stuff he does amazes me. Another good apprehension, in a dangerous situation, putting himself before his 2 legged partners. Awesomeness!!!!!!
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Nice doggie! Always a devoted friend.

I have 4 labs that flollow me around the place here. A pit bul that my daughter left with me. Keep it fenced in the pool area. And the wife has a bouple of ankle biters in the house, a chihuahua mix and my M in law's terrier. And I just got rid of my daughter's dobie again. She dumps him on me when she has too much to do at work. Have to keep him in the house. He is a big chicken. She finally came to pic him up. But of course she has 3 kittens she wants to dump on me now.:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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