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My New Tagua Holster

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Just got my new Tagua Holster for my 380. I think I’m going to really like it. Looks and feels like quality leather. Stitching is done very well….the mold in the leather for the gun fits great…good and tight..I can hold the holster upside down with the gun in it and it won’t fall out unless I shake it pretty hard…draws pretty smooth but should really smooth out after some use. It does ride pretty high but conceals very well. The cost was about half the price that I paid for my custom holster for my 45…I think I paid $33.00 including shipping for the Tagua. Can’t beat that.

There was one thing I did to it. When holstering the gun the mag release button caught on the holster and would push the button down almost enough to release the magazine. I took an exacto knife and cut a slot in the back of the holster so that it wasn’t touching the button. Works great now.
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Muy bueno! Appears to be a nice holster.
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