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My C-9

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Mornin Boys,
I bought my Bersa 9UC in April and have been workin the bugs out of it since. I have it where I want it and am very happy with it, now. I changed the rear sight and had to polish the feed ramp. Which is a normal thing on some new weapons no matter what brand. I have close to 2000 rounds through it. When they work right, they are NICE weapons, and mine works right.
I figured it was time to break out the C-9 and see how it likes the new Bersa loads I made up. It likes them fine. I did ok till one side of the target came off. It's hard to hit a 5 by 6 inch plate when I can only see an angle of it. I see it's time to replace the firing pin again. I replaced it bout a year and 1/2 ago. One thing nice bout a Hi Point is I can call them and they will send me one out for free and give me any info I need to replace it. I now know how to replace it, but there was a time when I didn't. There are also 2 Hi-Point boards that will share any info I need to repair it. Both boards have some very smart and friendly members that like to help, and for that,, I thank them.

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Looks like it is working very well
Nice backyard setup hobbles !
Thanks Boss,
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