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  1. hobbles

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    Would it be possible to get a "Repair" forum in this Category for any of the members that want to work on their own weapons?
    We would need the members help in making this work. Any member that have or are going to repaired or customize their weapon could take pictures of what they are doing and explain it for us dummies.
    There are a few of us that prefer to work on our own weapons but are new to Bersa's.
    Are there any other members that would want this. [​IMG]
  2. 92rado

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    I think that would be a great idea!

  3. hobbles

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    Oh heck, we have "gunsmithing"..
    Never mind....
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  4. SHOOTER13

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    Just gonna say...there is a Gunsmithing subforum... ;)
  5. Pancho_Villa

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    I am no professional. But I have been repairing older clunckers as a hobby for over 35 yers that I pick up at the gunshows. Old stuff, steel and blue revolvers, shotuns, .22 rifles and pistols mostly. All this new plastic stuff is just a PITA to work with. It doesn't help that I can't see well now also. Just finished putting a new, well handmade front sight on an Italian TZ75 pistol and fixed a dented mag tube on a Winchester 97 pump gun.They were turned at the last couple of shows.

    I will post any repair jobs I might get in the gunsmithing forum. I can be a real hack and take shortcuts sometimes. Saves time. Gotta turn them.
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