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model 85 grips on thunder plus

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after a long search i finally found some model 85 grips online and changed out the factory rubber grips. there alot of after market wood grips but i wanted the 85 with the bersa logo metal button. after a few modifications it works great and makes the grip just a bit thinner which i like. I also like the feel of wood in my hand....hmmmm...insert joke here. Just need some nickel screws to finish.


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I have the walnut ones but sometimes I think they're to thick for cc... and for my hand... where and how did you get them if you don't mind my asking?
these seem like they make my grip thinner...maybe because they are from older model...dunno. Where? called BamaTraders. How? bought them. Almost seems like they are in business to strip guns and sell parts...never know what they may have.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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