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Model 85 and Plus Compatability

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Hello all,
I bought a magazine today that was supposed to be for my Thunder 380 Plus but got home and it only holds 13 rounds instead of the 15 I was expecting. After some research I'm pretty sure it is a Bersa Model 85 magazine. I'm hesitant to even try to slide it in much less fire it. They look pretty much the same. Does anyone know if indeed I can put this in my Plus and it fire correctly as well? Thanks everyone.:confused:
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look at your original mag. Compare to the so called 85 mag........ if the shape is the same, the width of the lips of the mag the same..... the only difference should be the mag release hole...... if not... Then I would buy the mag from you.... I have both 85,86 that uses the same mag..........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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