Marschal Grips has any Purchased for their Bersa's

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    Bersa, Marschal grip.jpg Just received My New Marschal Grips for My Bersa Thunder Plus, and They are the Bomb, Had a set I put On My Thunder CC and they are also Great, Has any one else Purchased them and What are you Opinions?
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    Hey Big Al!

    Great looking grips you have there.
    Those two Bersa's look very classy.
    Have never had any but I am going to have to look and see what I might have that could use a pair.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    God bless!!


  3. JB380

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    Hi Folks

    I'm a one day new member of this forum. I've been retired for yrs. from Corrections, and I'm course a proud gun owner.

    Quite some yrs. ago I owned a Walther PPK, but eventually sold it, as I had too many jams, and got "slidebit" shooting it.

    I actually ck'd out the Bersa Thunder and Firestorm which reminds me of the PPK but w/some features that modernized this type of gun, like the slide holdback feature, and interlock which prevents the gun from firing w/the mag out. Some folks don't like it, I do.

    The Firestorm .380 ACP is the only Bersa currently on the CA roster, so it was a "no brainer" for me to purchase 2 of them just recently from a local dealer. I felt a sense of urgency since I'd talked w/Eagle imports, and got the impression that they're quite unhappy w/so many of their fine guns not making the CA roster for various reasons that I don't agree w/either.

    I contacted Marshall grips about getting their extended mag grips w/palm swell but no finger cuts located on the 7th row of Bersa Thunder page if you scroll down....

    I selected these grips in Walnut. They'll call me once the 1st gun gets out of jail (Dros), and the grips are on the way, but I'm way past the point of no return.

    I loved the way the gun handled at the dealer so I know I'm in for a treat when I pick them up.

    I'll present pics when I finally get them w/the Marshall grips on.
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  4. Toakey

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    Hey Big Al. Welcome to the Forum. In you post #3 you state that your PPK had too many jams. I just got my new PPK/s 380 back from Walther for the very same reason. It ran the first 300 rounds with 2 failures per 100 rounds, then all of a sudden I was getting 1 or more failures per mag(I clean my guns every time I shoot them). Mostly Failure To Return To Battery. Walther service report said they “honed the chamber and checked operation”, but the slide is easier to rack and the safety/de-cocker operated easier. Just got it yesterday so I haven’t fired it yet. When I do I’ll report back.
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  5. JB380

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    I'm sure the Bersa's will be fine out of the box, but what I'm going to do w/the Bersa Firestorms, is what I should've done w/the PPK, which is have the internals honed/polished and have done w/it.
  6. Toakey

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    I’m afraid that the Walther will only be a range gun. I ran half a box of PMC w/o failures. Then a box of Fiocchi and I had 4 Failures to return to Battery. I finished off the box of PMC without any failures. Ammo Sensitive? I’ll do more testing, but that makes the Walther my most expensive safe queen.

    Experiences like this make me wonder why I fool with pistols. I should just be satisfied with carrying a revolver.
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    I checked out their website and they make some nice looking grips for a number of different guns.