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Magazine compatability

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I had always wondered why the difference in capacity between the thunder 380 and the cc model. After looking at both magazines they seem the same and would feed and eject when I racked the slide by hand. Today I took a cc model magazine and fired some rounds out of a thunder 380 non cc and it functioned like it was supposed to. So I guess I'm going to buy cc magazines, why only have 7 rounds when you can have 8.
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I have used the 7 rd, 8 rd and 9 rd magazine in my Bersa Thunder 380 and my Bersa Thunder CC at the range with no issues.
It's good to hear I'm not the only one with these results. The bersa website says they are not interchangeable but they obvious work.
Most of the time my carry magazine is the 8 round Mec-Gar. So far it is the only one that has been 100% with Winchester 95 grain PDX1.
I picked up two 8 rd nickel magazines without any markings on them in a gun buy. I'm wondering if Bersa is stamped on the oem nickel mags or are they blank? They work great wish I had about four more.
I shoot Thunder.380's with them.
I've got a couple of Thunder 380's and the factory magazines have no problems. I've used a couple of ProMag magazines for it, and they don't work very reliably. LOTS of FTF's.
I too have two nickel mags with no stamping and they work great.
One thing I noticed with the 380cc mag is that if you change the bottom part that holds the spring in with one that extends for your little finger you can only use 7 shells in it. When I got back last night I put back the original part and then it worked with 8 shells like it should. I guess there is a small difference that allows enough clearance for the 8th shell.
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