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Made my own front sight.

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I can't seem to find a front sight for my Bersa 9UC that I like and don't break. I bought a set from Hiviz, didn't like the rear, was to low. The front one broke after 300 rounds. I found 2 that I wanted to buy, but darn,, they want from $50 to $60 plus for them. So it was time to build my own.
I took out my front sight and drilled it so a light pipe would fit through. I got a tight fit, but the front end stuck out too far and I know it would catch on something, so I beveled the hole so the pipe would fit in better. I liked how it came out so I glued and cut it. Then filed the end smooth. Then re-installed it. I think it came out pretty good. Total time,, bout 2. I had the light pipes that fit my smoke poll.
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