Lotta illegals!

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    I was surprised to see 3 border partol vehicles at the end of our road. Someone musta called them out. Either a "bail out" or a group was waiting to be picked up. Hadn't seen that many vehicles together since the whole funding cuts thing started. They did have an S.O. vehicle there also.

    Locals politicos and courts have been htting up the Feds for $ again due to the essive cost of processing all the dead illegals found on the ranches around here. There is no M.E. here for an autopsy, so they have to go 120 miles round trip to Corpus Christi, Tex. for the autopsy. And if no one claims the boday, it costs the county for he burial. There were about 40 just in this county last year at about a grand per body. Unsure about the figures for surrounding counties.
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    Can't imagine living with that daily occurrence down on the border...what is wrong with

    this government that this situation isn't a top priority...drugs, terrorists, people dying...!?