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Looking for an appendix holster

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My wife has a Bersa thunder .380 and is looking for a good appendix holster can y'all help please I'm not finding anything
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You might take a look at Remora holsters. I carry cross draw and IWB most of the time and have been very happy with Remora.


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I'm going to get a little FoXx holster for her that's the one she likes thank you for all your help
I was to share my experience with you concerning appendix. Believe me, the only way to treat it is an operation. More details you will find in this essay

And what turnip truck did you fall from????:confused::confused::confused:
Huh? What's that essay thing all about, totally lost me ??? My carry postion has been appendix for many years, I even carried a 1911 that way, takes some getting used to, but with the small handguns so popular now on the market appendix carry is getting more attention. Been recently carrying my Bersa combat in a kydex in that postion. Here in south Florida leather holsters are not very practical since it's so hot and humid and perspiration ruins leather quickly, kydex is lightweight and molded to the shape of the firearm, very comfortable holsters IMHO ...
Uncle Mikes

I have a larger uncle mikes with a belt clip for my Armscor M206 but I just got a #4 which works for a Taurus PT709 so it should also be good for a thunder. Ten bucks at Walmart. Otherwise I tend to like the Remora which you can get for twenty bucks online from their website, but I don't know if you need a belt clip or not.
Hi, everybody. I'm in my last year of College and my teacher assigned me a strange task to write an essay on the subject of weapons. I have a lot of thoughts, but I can't get it all on paper. It's hard for me. You guys have any ideas? Has anyone written an essay on guns? Maybe I would be better to contact a writing service

First thing I would do is make a list.
List all the different possible categories you could write about.

Semi-autos, revolvers, rifles, shot guns, black powder, hunting, competition shooting, self-defense, calibers (and how each one might be used), long distance shooting, history of firearms, NRA and why/how it started, Creedmor (NY), non-firearms weapons such as swords and knives, other items used as weapons (hammers and cars).

You could then write about each heading.
Form this list into an outline of how you might line them up.
Some ideas!

God bless!!

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Unless you are a mechanical engineer candidate, I doubt your paper on various fire arm designs will empress .
I suggest going for "The 2nd Amendment"; what the founders intended, how the language could have been more artfully written and the historical record to support your thesis.
I am a big fan of this holster for my TPR9C:
CONCEALED CARRIER (TM) Universal IWB Holster For Concealed Carry
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