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I've got a Bersa Model 23, which is an all steel 22 pistol, but is otherwise quite similar to the Thunder 22. One major difference is that it has an "internal" slide stop (no slide lever to release the slide.) The slide stop part is also the ejector on this gun, and on mine is broken. I'd like to find the part so I can get this gun working. I'll call Eagle Imports this week and see if they can help me, but if they can't, where else (other than eBay) can I find older Bersa parts?

Someone told me that a similar part from a 380 model would work. Can anyone confirm that the slide stop/ejector from models 23,83,85 & 86 are the same?

I like the look of this little gun, and while a bit heavy, that should make it a very nice shooter, probably a little better even than the Thunder 22.

Scott in Penfield NY
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