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Long trigger pull

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Hi, new to sight and bersa auto's, I have always had wheel guns and bought my first auto finally. My question is this, I just bought a thunder cc, and I noticed with the hammer cocked the trigger has to move quit far before contacting the hammer release, it moves back some when cocked but not all way, it feels like it is just is pushing against a spring for the for the first bit of movement, is this normal? My wheel guns bring the trigger back and there is no free play. The trigger will work the hammer and I have not shot it yet. Any help would be thankful .
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Welcome to the forum. I am assuming you have an DA/SA pistol. Only Bersas I have owned are .380s and they are all that type.

I started on wheel guns also. Had to get use to the "takeup" or "slack" if you wnt to call it when I started shoooting the DA/SA type autos. It is not the same as a DA/SA revo or even an SA only auto pistol like the 1911.

I have a few on of the DA/SA autos, Bersa .380, TRuger KP89 DC, and a Ruger KP90 DC. They all have some "slack" to take up before that SA sear is released. Some are better than others.
Welcome to the Bersa Forum Sandtrap !!
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