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I've been kicking around the idea of beginning to reload, mainly in preparation for post-SHTF, but also with the hope of being able to (I think I can hear y'all laughing already.) save some money on ammo.

I can't see my way clear to spend five-hundred-dollars plus to get started, and have more-or-less decided that the Lee Classic Turret Press reloading kit might fit into my budget. I realize that bullet-holders and dies would still need to be bought in each of my calibers, but $300.00 for the basic outfit I think I could stand, and still be able to begin stocking up on casings, powder, primers, bullets, etc.

My question of you good folks is, what say you of the the Lee Classic Turret Press Kit as seen at the following site:

Is it worth the money? Will it do the job? I'd be reloading ,223 Rem., .45 ACP, and .380 ACP to start with, and maybe will be adding a .44 Mag lever gun in the future.

That, and any information concerning the direction to go for things like powder, bullets, primers, and, especially casings. Do most of you start with new casings; buy from ranges... ?
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