Lawsuit by our loving Congressman!

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    Good evening everyone!

    My wife and I are volunteering for the campaign of Doug McLinko running for US Congressman of the 12th Congressional District.

    I sent an email to my mother to send to her eight or so friends on her email list to vote for Doug.

    The incumbent is Tom Marino.

    There are lots of sources out there showing he is a very corrupt congressman.

    I sent this email to my mother and she forwarded it.

    One of her "friends" gave it to Marino.

    Marino is suing my 80 year old Mother and myself for defamation of character and lying about him.

    If you punch this in a search engine you will see it!!

    If you know anyone in Mifflin, Perry, Union, Snyder, Lycoming, Clinton, Tioga, Bradford, Potter, or Wyoming Counties - please encourage them to vote for Godly man Doug McLinko!!!

    His attempt to stop 8 people from seeing all he has done wrong has now gone out to possible 100K people!!

    He is suing us to take away our first Amendment rights.

    He feels he is entitled to approve or disapprove peoples private emails I guess!

    Prayers for our success in the Lord, so my 80 yoa Mother and 83 yoa Father survive this, and that the Lord takes this evil person out of his position of authority.

    Thanks and God bless!!

  2. Renaldo

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    Wow! Sorry to hear that! I'm amazed at what people are willing to do now days, including frivolous lawsuits like this.

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    Sorry to hear this Rev. One of the first things that caught my eye was the fact that one of your Mothers friends sent this to the candidate. So much for friends, eh! The Good Book reminds us "Not to place our trust in man". Don't sweat it bro, and as my Grandmother use to say: "son, this too shall pass"!
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  4. Pistol_Packin_Preacher

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    Thanks Dutch!

    Appreciate the kindness.
    Yes, it was a close CHRISTIAN friend that took the email and gave it to the congressman.
    A friend that Mom used to attend Bible studies with weekly and went to church together.
    Mom is 80 and on Social Security along with Dad's pension.
    Dad is basically an invalid now with years of hard work beating up his body.
    He sits around the house constantly mumbling he is going to lose his house.
    Dad and I built the house together when I was in high school.
    Dad is a two year Army Vet having been drafted at 18 and spent two years in Germany in 1952-53.
    Amazing thing is, the couple of things in the email are all fact and in the news daily.
    Somehow Goliath wants to crush us two little David's.
    I know we all will be fine.
    I feel I have worked hard to stay true to His calling of me.

    If I am not an asset to the Lord, I am not a liability to the devil.
    And so would be left alone.
    So, my wife and I are believing we are doing something good for the Lord.

    So yes, Grandma Dutch was right, This too shall pass!!

    I guess those end times I read about are here.

    God bless!!

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  5. Pistol_Packin_Preacher

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    Can see why our loving congressman is so upset.
    This private measly little email had such a negative effect on his campaign he only won 69% to 31%.
    Lawsuit still going on.
    We will see what happens.

    God bless!!

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  6. dutchboy

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    Hey Rev, we should learn from our mistakes and also from the mistakes of others!

    As Isaiah 2:22 says:

    "Puny man! Frail as his breath! Don’t ever put your trust in him!"