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Kydex IWB tuckable holster for 380CC

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All Kydex clamshell style IWB tuckable holster wanted for my Bersa Thunder 380CC. I like the Foxx Trap design, but they do not make one for the Thunder 380.

Any suggestions on where to find one?
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I ended up ordering a Little Foxx holster. I will report back on how it fits after it gets here.
The Little Foxx is working out fine so far. I wear it at 3:30 and a belt loop on my pants keeps it from sliding to the small of my back. It is tuckable, but I'd advise you to wear a t-shirt underneath to keep the metal rivets off your skin. The retention is actually pretty tight. Now that it is winter, I wear a t-shirt, then the holster IWB with a sweater or long untucked shirt over for cover.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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