Kydex Holsters

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    I am now officially retired (until I get a job) but I did apply for Social Security.

    I recently bought a Clinger Holster model called Atom for my Walther Creed. The design of the holster is simple and it works very well. It is my first Kydex Holster! So I got curious about Kydex and found a lot of videos showing how to 'bend' Kydex to make holsters. For the last couple weeks, I have been working on setting up a little shop to make my own holsters so I can stop buying them.

    Anyways, when I get the materials in, I intend on making holsters for my Bersas and will post pictures up etc.....

    Don't know if anyone else has tried to make these? There are such a variety. In Waist Band, out of waist band, appendix, side, small of back, right, left, deep concealment, pancake, taco, hybrids.......

    I am going to focus on the Taco first and then may try some others.

    The Taco is the one piece wraparound generally with one belt clip but you can also do them with two. With or without sweatguards as well.
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    Look forward to seeing them.

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    If you want some advice and your on Facebook look up Matthew Turner ( Appalachian Concealment) he’s a great person for advice
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    looks like Appalachian Concealment closed but maybe I can still talk with Matthew. I have been using the forums and youtube and have made a few holsters now. Its great that I could make a Kydex for my Thunder CC and also for my SAR B6P as I don't think people sell those. I am really starting to like holster making.