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Its ready now!

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Well there were a few things I wanted to do before I was ready to C.C. the Bersa BP-9cc.

1). Make sure it was rock solid dependable.

2). Accuracy, for me its a must!

3). It must be comfortable to shoot.

After over 300 FMJ and 20 JHP rounds without a single issue I have grown to trust that when needed this gun will not fail!

The accuracy right out of the box was great and has improved as I become more familiar with this compact 9.

Comfort is a must for me, I've handled a few 9's like the Kel-Tec and they just don't feel right and Kel-Tec is not a gun I would want to shoot a lot, the felt recoil & muzzle jump are too much for my taste. As for the trigger on the Bersa... One of the best right out of the box and after just a few hundred rounds its even better.

Glad I tried Bersa, I have been up to this point a Ruger fan, and still am. But feature for feature their just aren't many that can hold a candle to this C.C. gun. No matter the cost, the value of the Bersa is obvious.
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Glad you are happy with your Bersa. Sounds like you have really put time and consideration into you choice. Like you, I found my Bersa to be rock-solid reliable. Only problem ever were jams caused by a broken base on the spare magazine, which they replaced for free. Enjoy your gun.
Sounds like you made the right choice....
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