It's camper time.

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  1. hotshott

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    I've waited 5 months to return to the river in Oregon Illinois. Will be heading out on Friday to open up the Grand Villa. What I miss even more is directly across the hy-way is a farm property of about 300 acres. 6 of which is a target range. For 140.00 cash and 2 bottles of Old Grand Dad I have been given a right of passage to use the range with up to 10 people. The owner needs to register me with the county seat as a user of his property. No other info will be needed.

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  2. Pancho_Villa

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    Looks like a nice place to kick back.

  3. LT2108

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    Couple more weeks, we are opening up our camper....can not wait
  4. hotshott

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    1 1/2 from my driveway and great weekend getaway. 9 years ago my wife and I bought a camper out here. At that time we paid a seasonal fee. 2009 we were offered the site for purchase. I had to upgrade septic to allow for a cleanout and larger 4500 gallon tank, and electrical from 60 amp to 200 amp. No longer tied into the weak neighborhood electric supply. Its just over a 1/2 acre.
  5. hotshott

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    I understand your excitement. Been there often.
  6. Shooter

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    Those are some reasonable dues!