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ISP no longer accepting paper applications for firearms licenses

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I knew it was coming it has been getting slower & slower for Indiana residents that apply on paper forms. I got my carry license years ago by applying on-line it only took 7 days. But I'm sure they are swamped now with applications both on-line & paper so I don't doubt that it would take longer now. Indiana doesn't require any classes or ability qualification to carry.
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With free computer access available at just about any library now, and what looks like a fairly simple application, I don't see this as too big a deal. The funny thing is, had this headline been "Indiana no longer accepting paper applications for VOTER REGISTRATION", you'd have legal teams filing suits all over the place, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be standing in front of a courthouse shouting about Jim Crow laws, and CNN would be would be interviewing a 98 year old, blind, homeless lady with a seeing eye rat, who for the first time in her life wanted to vote but can't because she doesn't know how to use a computer.
I can't believe that in some states you don't need a state ID to vote, how do they honestly know who you are with out an ID.
Here in Indiana we need a drivers licence or state ID to vote.
We vote on electronic screened voting booths, no punching holes in paper.
I don't think paper should be used anywhere in voting, in this electronic age.
I believe in VA you can request a paper ballot, and I know registration is still done on paper. I'm serious. When the computer voting machines first started becoming popular, they would interview some blue-haired lady who felt disenfranchised because she couldn't keep up with technology.

Every little change to voting apparently negatively affects the elderly, poor, and minorities, but you can throw as many roadblocks as you want in front of our 2nd amendment rights. I've just started asking people how they can be so racist, and why do they hate granny whenever they start talking about more background checks and tighter gun control. Poor granny's gonna get mugged on her way home from bingo, because she doesn't have 2 forms of ID and can't afford the background check and registration fee to buy a gun to defend herself. Those evil granny hating libs! :p
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