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Interesting Stats...

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Does a high capacity magazine make a difference in all these public mass murders !?

I’ve had a train of thought that the magazine capacity of the weapons used in a mass shooting makes little/no difference in the actual lethality of the event.

While I’m no statistician, I started to use open source information to determine how long these maniacs are actively shooting, the number of shots fired and the overall lethality of the shots.

The events I looked into: Columbine,Colorado, Virginia Tech, the Wisconsin Sikh Temple, The Giffords shooting in AZ, The movie killings in Aurora, Colorado and the Sandy Hook school massacre. The data is quite interesting and opens up a substantial line of argument against high capacity magazine bans.

Average Time a Shooter is Active: 10.3 Minutes

Average Total Shots Fired: 89.8

Shooting Tempo: 8.7 Rounds/Min

Wound to Kill Ratio: 1:2.86

Given that anyone, with minimal practice, can do a magazine change in roughly three seconds, the data indicates that magazine capacity actually has almost no impact on the overall lethality of an active shooter.

Other data points bolster the case; the wounded to killed ratio is far higher than defensive shootings or police shootings, indicative of the fact that active shooters are not rushed and are (unfortunately) in complete control of the situation.

With the exception of the Giffords shooting (which is an exceptional case for a number of reasons, more of an open air political assassination than a typical mass shooting), the ONLY thing that has ever stopped a mass shooter is armed confrontation (more accurately, the notion that armed confrontation is close by).

Meanwhile, what do you think ?

Do you think a “high cap mag” ban would have any effect on lethality in a public mass shooting sceanario ?

The bad guys’ or yours ?


(copied and pasted from another source...words/stats are not mine !)
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According to an old friend who spent many years as a LEO. All you will really see is the caring of more guns. That is how the term throw away guns was developed. Five and six shot short barrel unregistered 38 revolvers left at crime locations.
I am afraid that the Hi-cap mag ban fodder is just the start of bigger things to come. I agree fully that even a novice shooter can complete several mag changes in just a few seconds against unarmed victims. I feel that the mag issue is just the starting block, then ammo limits, and semi auto bans ending in a ban on sticks and stones.

Great info Shooter, Thanks
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