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Well, I was out of ingots to make my bullets out of. So I started at 8 am and got a fire going and started to melt the last wheel weights I had left. I only had a 5 gallon bucket left full of wheel weights and thought I would get more then this. I got done at 11 am. Guess it's time to go see my tire shop and pickup 2 more 5 gallon buckets of weights. I only have this many bullets left. I figure it will be a month or two before I run out of rounds and will have to go buy more primers and powder, might as well get everything ready now for when the time comes to start reloadin again.
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Hey hobbles,

I am out of wheelweights and dug up bullets. The brush has grown up around my old backstop. My new backstop has a bunch of dirt filled tires and I have not had the energy to dig them out. Mostly cause I have to shovel the tires full of dirt again.:D

I do have a couple of bricks of lead that my F in law gave me. They weigh like 75 lbs. each from his old oilfield pump station job. Brother gave me 2 full bags of birdshot he found in an old house his consturction crew was demolishing. Also got several of the lead pipe vent covers from the roof of my house. The roofers took them off when they redid the roof a few years ago and were gong to throw them away. All of it is pure lead, too soft. Haven't mixed any bullet alloy in a long time. Guess I need to locate some tin. Plumber's solder maybe?

Finally found some bullet lube for my luber/sizer. It was for an RCBS and mine is a Lyman. It will probably work. The one GS I go to is 70 miles away and they have not had any since the great ammo shortage. They had a good stock of bullets again and primers too. Wonder how long that will last?
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I want to buy 75lbs of lead and have it shopped to me via mail from midway just so the post man can cuss me out for it
Guess that would pizz them off.:D
Mornin Boys,

I do the same. I collect all my spend lead (ww) from my back stop, altho I don't know how the bullets get there. One would think I missed my target or something.. I even split the wood I shoot at to get them out of there so I can burn that wood outside. Theres a lot of lead there.

Just think how many people would handle that package. Any package that gets to our habitat, the mailman (or woman on Saturday) always drives up to our door and honks the horn or leaves the package in my PU with a note on the door tellin us it's there. The post office out in So Cal never did that. They would leave me a note tellin me to go to the post office and get it. I like Kentucky.
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