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In need of some help or advice

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I purchased a bersa th380 cc probably back in November. Went to break it in and 100 rounds through, had a problem with the safety not disengaging and the trigger not functioning while off of safety. So I took it to the dealer I got it from and they sent it to a bersa service center. 6 LONG weeks later, I got it back . I put 50 rounds through it, no problem, I went to put another 50 through and now, my slide catch and notch where the catch "catches" Is worn down and the slide won't stay locked back. I never us the catch as a slide release so it's not from misuse. This is my carry gun and I don't really want to be unarmed for another 6 weeks. An. Do i just need to send it off, wait, and hope nothing else goes wrong?
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Sorry for some bad grammar. My phone stopped showing what I was typing about half way through so I was "typing blind" pretty much.
I have the same problem. What I am considering doing is filing that sloped piece of metal at the notch to be more vertical. I'll post up before and after pics and vids when I have it completed.
you may want to get ahold of Bersa and let them know of your problem and past problem. They may just send you a new slide instead of having to send in. i know they have done this for others on other parts. filing down the part may void warranty so i would only do this as last resort. can you post pic of the notch? on another note...good blind-typing
Thanks @hilandr. But I would be worried about voiding the warranty.

@spyder... I will get some pictures and when you say call bersa, do you mean call eagle imports?
Here are some pics. I did a video of the slide not staying open but haven't figured out how to put that here yet.

Ps. @Spyder. I figured out how to edit the first post so no grammar issues but I couldn't figure out how to delete the second post lol


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This is exactly what mine looks like!

I am not so afraid of the warranty issue. It's not like this is a thousand dollar gun. I just want it to work. The wear that it is already showing at that spot is disturbing. I for one don't think that the design there is that great. I'll still go the file route.
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I've put 200+ rounds through my Bersa. I just checked using a bright light and see only the slightest sign of wear.
Had same problems,had to send back 2 times the first 90 days. Seems better now, time will tell.
yes dave. its worth a shot to call eagle importers. let them know you dont want to send it in "again". there was a guy there, i want to say his name was Raphel who may be able to help. Like i said i know for some parts they would just send them out with no charge as long as your gun was registerd with them to you. Slide may be more than they want to send or they may need to see it to replace it. Filing it may work for awhile but if its a bad batch of metal they used i would assume it would just happen again until you have refiled it to the point it cant be fixed again and then you have thrown out the warranty.
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