I was excited about my new Versa 9cc..now, not so much!

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by bgbmagic, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. bgbmagic

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    I couldn't wait to take my new Bersa BP9cc to the farm. I stripped it down, cleaned and lubed (lightly) before heading out.
    Well, I got my chance this past weekend and I can only use"disappointed" here as I might use some bad words!
    First shot had a light strike...then after cycling two more light strikes. Will this gun ever go bang???
    So, changed magazines after dry firing a few trigger pulls and the next mag went through fine. This was with Federal hollow points...115g. Then put in a mag of Fedreal FMJ...NO bang again!!!
    Then, after switching mags again, I had what I can only describe as a fatal jam. Not a stovepipe but the fired round did not eject and actually jammed the mag...it would not release either. I had to reach in with my little finger and depress the next round in the mag to get the magazine to release...then manually eject the shell...not good!

    I gave up at this point. No new firearm should have these type of issues out of the box...period.
    This one may be leaving...if I recover from this experience I may give it another chance.
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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum bgbmagic !!

    One of my many tricks before going to the range for the 1st time

    is to over lube the gun, then sit in front of the TV, (GUN UNLOADED)

    and work the slide back and forth during the course of the hour long program.

    This will help loosen the stiff recoil spring of the action and tends to work the

    lube into the chassis, slide, and nooks. You also may want to take the magazine

    apart and give it a going over. Not sure how much time you have with this type of

    pistol, but FTE's may be caused by limp wristing during recoil. Also, some Federal ammo has

    been known to have hard primers. Just saying, give it a break-in period before tossing it aside.

    Hope that helps...

  3. Pancho_Villa

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    Wecome to the forum. A break in period would be a good.
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    Light strikes appear to be very common with this pistol. Most people having the problem fix it by removing the firing pin assembly and thoroughly cleaning it and the striker channel. From what I understand, Bersa ships these guns with a thick grease that needs to be cleaned for things to work right. If that doesn't help, at least you have the lifetime warranty you can fall back on - send it in and let Bersa fix it. I wish I had that option, but I bought mine used, and have no warranty. Plus I don't really know how many rounds have been shot through it. So I'm going to try to get about $20 in parts (firing pin and springs) and see if that helps.
  5. SoldiernurseNoMo

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    For the first time I had trouble with my Bersa BP9cc at the Range yesterday. Never before had any problems. This was my BP9cc's fifth time at the Range. Last week I bought 50rnd box of Winchester NATO 9mm, also the first time, at a Gunshow.

    Anyway, FTF, FTE, etc. I removed all the NATO rounds from both mags. Filled both mags with Federal 115gr FMJ. Back to killing paper & no future issues. Of course, my Glock 19 ate up the NATO 9mm just fine.
  6. hotshott

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    Upon receiving my Bersa T 380, A law enforcement buddy told me not to use federal ammo in the gun. He gave me a couple boxes of winchester Law enforcement rounds which have all fired beautifully. I have, in the past had issues of FTF with larger caliber federal ammo. Not many but enough. I had a Federal 444 Marlin round fire while closing the lever on the rifle. The bullit tip never left the barrel and the breech was destroyed. I have not purchased Federal ammo since. It's not always the gun. Some of my pistols shoot better with certain brands of ammo so I stick to what works.Winchester and Remington and CCI are the brands I buy the most. Also read a great article about moisture and ammo. Shake your ammunition. NO JOKE helps to eliminate the FTF factor.