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I bought a 10 round promag for the .380, it sticks out an inch and its ugly!

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I got from Gearzone tactical after waiting 7 weeks. They did not have a photo of the mag as installed. If they had i would not have got it. It sticks out and inch below and it looks weird. I looked for a spacer and am even thinking of making one because it looks so goofy sticking out like that. Does anybody have a solution?

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Does it work? That is the main thing for me. Just one of the things ya deal with when ya want more shots in your single stack autos.
For just a few more bucks you could have bought the DLX 9 round Bersa mag. As they are designed to fit and blend in with the grip, the extra expense is well worth the price.

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I agree it does not look very appealing. That's why I am looking into getting the new Mec-Gar 8 round magazine.
The picture of the mag in question looks like the 7 rounder for my Bt380. I have a ProMag that I bought and it works fine. It IS a 7 rd mag, which is what the pistol uses and it looks 'zactly like the Bersa mags and works (for me) just like the factory mags do. I like 'em!

If the gun uses 7 rd mags and you buy a 10 rd mag, what else would you expect but for it to stick out? :confused:
I have mags that stick out below the grip but that doesn't bother me because I use them at the range so I don't have to reload as often and use the regular mags for carry.
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