Hurricane Sandy

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  1. SHOOTER13

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    This is SHOOTER13 reporting:

    Well, my area weathered the worst that Sandy could muster with flying colors...other than a major cleanup of limbs and few block radius went basically unscathed...we lost cable TV and cable Internet from about midnite to 10 this morning... and off in the distance our far neighbors are still without power, as I seen no lights last night from my hilltop vantage point...and still hear their generators chugging this afternoon. I just got back in from about four hours worth of picking up wood and leaves...but everyone is still breathing.

    That's all for now...this is SHOOTER13 reporting from SE Pennsylvania... wishing everyone good luck with their cleanup !!

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  2. bhale187

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    Glad to hear you made it through without alot of problems. I hear the looters are terrible (not a surprise), in fact they are actually using twitter to round up gangs to loot stores and rich folks homes. Disgusting.....

  3. NormH3

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    Northern Delaware was for the most part unscathed. I did an overnighter at work (long term care facility for kids) and the generators never needed to be used. Hopefully others did just as well.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Good to hear that you were out of that mess. Haven't had to clean up after one since Hurr. Brett in 98. Had several trees down in that one. One fell in the pool of course.

    We stayed up with some friens watching all the activity on the Weather Channel.
  5. David

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    My brother is a law professor in New Jersey. I still haven't heard from him.
  6. hobbles

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    Mornin SHOOTER13,
    Glad to hear everything is ok.
  7. Shooter

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    Glad you're OK! How did others in your area do?
  8. SHOOTER13

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    Mostly trees hitting wires causing some power outages...

    I'm 333 feet above sea level and on the other side of a 500+ foot hill

    which lies between Philly and a valley.

    So we made out good compared to most !!
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