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Howdy from Oklahoma

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Howdy folks. I have owned my Thunder 380 for a couple of years, but now, with the OK open carry going into effect, I think I will make more use of it.

I have the LTD ed with the gold-plated hardware and wooden grips. Really kinda purty, dontcha think? I am a little concerned how long the gold will stay looking good ???

I am also having a fella make me a lefty hi-ride holster. Be all ready for Nov 1.

Anyway, Hi there Bersa Buddies LOL

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Welcome asnider123. I had one with the gold trim. Bought it back in the spring and I had the same fear. Sold it. Anyway, I have an all black one I carry all the time and a DLux that stays locked up all the time. They all wored perfectly well. Have the same fear about the DLux. Hate to wear the blue off. Can't just ahve it as a safe queen, so I maight trade it and keep using my old beater. Got it all wet today waterging the garden. Actually had to come home and clean it. Lube helped too.:D

Have fun with your pistola. They are great guns.
Welcome to the Bersa Forum asnider123 !!
Welcome from Stone Mountain Georgia
I also have the Bersa Thunder 380 in matte/gold finish. I bought it last November. Had it fixed once after the transfer bar came loose, but no problem since. I have not read anything regarding how long will the gold trim last and many of us would like to have an idea. I keep it clean and polished after every use at the range. It is abeautiful piece that carry in a Galco IWB holster.
Welcome sir. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Where are you in OK? I have a couple of projects down there; one in Norman, and one in Midwest City.

2. Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Leonardo DaVinci? I hope that isn't offensive!

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Well howdy from Oklahoma again. It's been 8 years but just found my way back to bersaforum because of a computer biting the dust (along with all my bookmarks).
Welcome back! This welcome come from SW Ohio.
Welcome back from North Central Pennsylvania!
It has been slow around here but always fun to pop in on.

God bless!!

Howdy from one okie to another!
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