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Howdy from NH

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I'm Alan Ellis, an ex-infantryman who was working in client services for a large Infrastructure As A Service company for 8.5 years until I left to form my own company recently. I'm from Philly originally but have lived up and down the east coast and in the UK before getting trapped here in Derry, NH.

I'm recently engaged (hooray, me!) to my fiance Dayna, I have a 75lb American Bulldog named Maggie ( and my fiance has 2 Pomchis weighing 18lb combined... My father was an FFL, and like I said I used to be infantry, so shooting is definitely one of my bigger hobbies.

I'm the developer of the MyGunDB firearm inventory software, so I tend to float around forums a lot -- I came over from firearmstalk, actually.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and looking forward to the new forum!
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Welcome to the Bersa Forum Alan !!

...and thank you for your service to our great country !!
Welcome from Western Kentucky.
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