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My Howa 1500 chambered in .308


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Range report 03-04-2010

Date: 03-04-2010
Time: 1530
Temp: 45-50 Deg. F.
Humidity: 20%
Barometric Pressure: 29.00 in
Altitude: 900’ Above Sea Level
Wind: 5-10 mph. From the N Actual wind: 5 mph
Range: 100 yards
Caliber: 308Win.
Case: Winchester Brass
Bullet: Sierra 165gr. HPBT Game King
Powder: RL-15
Powder weight: 44.2grs
Primer: CCI 200 (Large Rifle)
Overall Cartridge Length: 2.796
Estimated Velocity: 2600fps
Rifle: Howa 1500
Barrel length: 24” BBL
Scope: Sight Mark Tactical 4-16x44 Red/Green Standard MilDot
Steady Rest: Bipod

Today’s shoot was colder then a witches t_t, at least to me it was. I got set up at 100 yards with 2 targets, sense I needed to sight this new scope in. After getting it semi sighted in I shot semi fair, but every time I started to squeeze the trigger a cold blast of air would blow right up my back. So I was somewhat off with my shots.

Though the picture is a little blurry, you can still see my bad marksmanship. I will try and get a better pic when my son gets home and let him take the pic.

Top Left, was a fair 3 shot group.
Bottom left, was the best out of them all, 3 shots in one hole, not bad for a cold day.
Top right, not a great group
Bottom left, two shots in the same hole and one stray
Center, was a rapid fire 4 shot group, very disappointing

Only thing I can say good about today’s shoot is that I love this new scope.


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great shootin
Your dissappointing is my impressive. Wish I could shoot that well.
Yea...very nice opaww !!
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