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How does one polish a feed ramp?

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I just used my wife's BT .380 to test the new bullets I just got. I "quick-fired" three rounds with no problems. The rest of the mag was shot slowly. The last round jammed just above the feed. So, that tells me the ramp needs to be polished, and/or the entire gun, mag included needs to be cleaned.

My question:

How does one "polish" a feed ramp?
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If you have a motorized dremel tool just use a small sand paper roll on the arbor to lightly smooth the roughness off of the ramp. If you don't have this tool you can do it by hand with a small wooden dowel with fine grit emery cloth rolled around it. Just smooth it out a little at a time, try it out, then smooth it out a little more when it starts to work better stop & let it work in as you shoot.
I believe it was said not to polish ramps on 380 guns due to feed ramps being anodized and posibility of softening the ramp. If you take a needle and slide the tip over the ramp, you can feel how rough is the surface. On a UC9 mm, ramp is part of the barrel and is machined with grooves perpendicular to lenght of the barrel and is not quite visible to naked eye.
Once I started sanding with wetsand paper, grooves started showing. I did not have any failures with my CC380, or UC9mm wright out of the box, but did polish 9 in order to preampt problems and out of curiosity. If you decide you need to polish, no dremel tool. se Use fine grit wetsand paper and gun oil. I used the tip of the pencil eraser as an actuator.
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