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How about primers?

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If it's OK, I would also like to know if folks are able to find any primers out there, specifically for reloading .223, such as Remington 7-1/2, CCI#41, or Wolf Small Rifle Magnums.
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Hey, I've been looking hard too! As a matter of fact finding anything related to reloading is getting to be outright criminal! If it isn't the DHS buying up 5 years worth of hollowpoint pistol ammunition, it's the manufacturers of things like primers and powder almost ending their production of it!! I don't know about you but my phone, Facebook and Twitter accounts are burning up because I'm spending every last minute I've got available calling, texting and tweeting anyone and everyone that might make a difference in getting these things available again. I'm all but convinced it's the government behind it all and if these manufacturers want any business in the future, if there is one with them, they'd better get off their azzes and start another shift to keep those machines running!

That said, here's a link that I just discovered and hope it will help you get your hands on these elusive components! :mad:
Thanks, I had heard of gunbot before, but never got the opp to check it out! I did find Wolf primers available at one location for $45/1000, but a minimum order of 3,000. Haven't ordered yet. Now I can't find the link again, so will have to search all over again! I will post anything here that I find.

I'll trade 200 Federal small rifle primers that I have no use for, for 200 large pistol primers or 200 large rifle primers of CCI, Federal or Winchester make.



I read online that small rifle primers could be used in place of small pistol primers. So I tried it, and it works fine for my purposes. I've done a couple hundred reloads of 32 acp, with minimum loads of Win 231. So far, so good.
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