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I have a heart monitor attached to my chest for 48 hrs. It is the last part of a stress test I had today. I had been set up for this by a cardiologist 4 weeks ago. That was 3 weeks after I had been to my family doctor. I had gone to see him after having a fairly heavy heart beat for several days over a period of 2 weeks. No chest pain or anything. The heart pounding was waking me up sometimes at night. Only thing I got so far was a pill to control palpatations if needed. Pills didn't do much. I was also told to cut down on caffiene.

They also did an EKG, a tread mill test, blood pressure testss on outer extremities including my big toes, and a CT scan to check for circulatory prolems. They said I had been on diabetic meds for close to 20 years, so I really needed a good check.

All I got from them today was that I had a lower than normal heartbeat. They wanted to know if I had always been like that? How would I know. Ihad never been tested before. They did say my trot on the tread mill was good. Guess that was a good thing. Have to wait a month to see the cardiologist to get the rest of the info. Hope I don't drop dead between now and then.
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