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  1. BersaOwner

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    What ammo would you use??
    You don't want to use slugs inside your house they could over-penetrate & hit the kids in the next room.
    Would you use buckshot to get less penetration than slugs?
    Would you use birdshot to get a wider pattern without the penetration?
    I was sent this article in a message through my e-mail that got me thinking.:confused:
    Am I reading this right? Their test firing was done at 7 yards so the birdshot acted more like a pre-fragmented slug.
    Not what I would have expected!:eek:
  2. bersastud

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    I have used #6 first 2 rounds in my pump followed by 00buck . Shot gun at close range no matter if cyl or full spreads at approx 1 inch per yd . That why you can miss with a shot gun . 00buck will go thru dry wall about as good as a slug .

  3. SHOOTER13

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    00 Buck in a HD situation...

    I've seen bird shot not penetrate enough to drop a man...

    A neighbor shot a burgular next door...I heard the blast, grabbed my gun

    and slowly checked until I seen the neighbor standing over the perp...went

    outside and the neighbor said he had shot him at his backdoor...the guy got up

    and ran to the front yard with the neighbor in pursuit until ordered to the ground...

    he was crying and hurt, but did not die at the scene and had enough in him to run

    all the way around the house after being hit with birdshot at point blank range.

    Slug would have probably dropped him and kept on going...not good for a HD scenario.
  4. BT380

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    #4 buckshot is what I use in my 1100 w/20" barrel. Enough power to do the job but should not go to far after hitting a wall. I've read that the best home defense weapon is the AR 15 using 55 gr. ammo. It is said it will not go through the walls of your home as most 55gr. ammo id frangible and will break up on impact so that is my go to home defense gun and shotgun 2nd.