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I'm looking at getting the Bianchi 3S Pistol Pocket Concealable Waistband Holster for my Bersa thunder 22. The 3s version is for the Bersa thunder 380. Both guns look the same and just wondering if it will fit ok. Thanks in advance

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Cross Breed holster

I bought my 3rd holster for the Bersa Thunder 22 I have. I had bought an Alienware holster and returned it in 24 hours to them. To their credit I got a full refund.

My SIG Sauer and Taurus Millennium PRO .45 both have Cross Breed Holsters and I love the engineering in them. The plastic piece fits all the way to the leather giving support and preventing the leather from squeezing in and pinching the pistol when it is inserted or withdrawn while carrying.

As a former Deputy I have worn a few different holsters for other pistols for off duty use. I went with Cross Breed for the fact that they are 100% warranted for life and they work extremely well for their purpose. Higher priced than some, but in my opinion, worth every penny.

EDIT: And I agree. Any holster that fits a Bersa Thunder .380 will fit the .22 as well. They are the same size and use nearly identical parts, except that the barrel and part of the frame are designed for .380 ammo and magazines. Else, most all of the other parts are interchangable.. less slide of course. It will fit.
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