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Actors & Hollywood helped create the shoot um up scenario that all of the mentally ill try to carry out.
The government banned the use cigarettes in movies & TV.
How many movies would die if they ban the use of firearms in movies & TV violence is the money card for the entertainment industry. If there is a gun ban that goes through I will demand that a ban be placed on the media to remove the firearms stereotype movies from our entertainment screens.:mad:

If you agree with me re-post this to all your forums, Facebook, Twitter pages.
Now is the time to get the word out, if you snooze WE loose!:eek:

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Just like Prohibition, where they tried and failed to stop the manufacture and consumption of beer and liqour,

the media and the public will continue to do what they want to do...telling an American that they should not

buy, use or keep arms will just drive the firearm / ammo industry underground, and will cause more problems in the

prevention and enforcement of the laws than the government will be willing to throw money at...!!

Just look at the "war on drugs" that has tied up government $$$$$$ and resources and failed to stop anything from flowing

across the porous US borders....hell, better than half the marijuana consumed is now grown in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky,

and when the find a way to grow coca plants here, that will take care of all the shipping problems the cartels have right now.

When people crave anything, they will satisfy that craving and to hell with the law... or " Where there is a will...there is a way !! "
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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