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Hi from East Texas Tyler Area

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Hi, new to the Bersa but member of Hi-Point forum. My wife & I have a Ruger LCP .380, Bersa Thunder .380 w/ pink handles, HP 4095TS, HP JCP 40C, S&W M&P 40 Compact & a Henry 22LR survival 22 carbine. In process of buying 995TS & ATI Prostock to modify.

My wife loves her Bersa Thunder & I like the way it feels, nice grip. Pink is just not my thing so I want to win the Bersa Thunder .380 in black. I actually like the way the Bersa feels & shoots better than my Ruger LCP.

Mike Parker:)
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Welcome to you and your wife, Mike, from another East Texan. Born and raised in Tyler, still have some family there. Many moons ago I moved to the Austin area and decided to stay here after college. Hook'em Horns!

Sounds like you have a nice little firearm collection going. Be careful around those Bersas because they tend to multiply! :D
Thanks everyone..........:D
Welcome to the forum.

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