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Hey from Mississippi

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Just traded for a Bersa Thunder in Duotone color and shot it for the first time Saturday. I really like that little gun. I normally carry a Taurus PT111 or PT145, but this Bersa is going to spend some time on my hip for sure. I hunt with a T/C Contender pistol in 6.8mm and .44 mag and just pretty much enjoy shooting all kinds.
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
welcome to the bersa forum, and happy new year
Welcome and it sounds like you traded up!
Welcome and it sounds like you traded up!
I think I traded up, too. I traded a Taurus PT22 that I had picked up for a good price at a gun show that was just sitting in my safe. Couldn't see any sense in carrying a .22 and it really wasn't all that much fun to shoot, tough trigger, short barrel, accurate at appropriate distances, but I like to shoot the bigger stuff more. It's a little more expensive to shoot my 9mm and .45, but I save my pennies and enjoy it more. I usually buy a box of ammo every week when I have to buy groceries with my wife at Wal-Mart so it doesn't feel like I am spending quite as much. Now I can start picking up a box of .380 too!
Happy New Year. Congrats on the new pistola. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Stone Mountain Georgia
Welcome from Western Kentucky.
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