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Heritage with the extra cylinder. Got this one in a swap. Guy came by my table and had this. He wanted a nickle .38 cal Iver Johnson top break revolver I had. The I.J worked well and had a great bore. Nickle finish was a bit rough in places. I got it for practically nothing with 3 other top breaks in a swap.

I swapped, no problem. He wanted it as a vest pocket gun for Cowboy Action Shooting. Whatever, a box of .38 S&W is twice what I had in the .I.J. And the Heritage .22 looked unfired. He said it was. Had the box, papers, and warranty. Let a friend of mine shoot it the other day. I may not have it for long. Same thing hppened to the last 2 I had.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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