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Hello from Va

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Hello all first I want to say how much I love my Bersa 380 cc. Great Lil gun . Having a hard time finding mags for the CC a Lil draw back I don't like.
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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome from East Texas, Tyler area. Be patient you can find them. :)

Mike Parker
First handgun I purchased was a Bersa Thunder 380 w/ crimson trace. Love my gun also but it's not the CC model, wanted a little more handle (it's still small enough)
But Hey! is that a Victory MC in your picture? I'm a rider also (VN900LT) and from Va. near Fredericksburg.
Welcome to Bersa forum. Just got back from a weekend at the gunshow. Got a few guns to show for it. Reports will be in the general guns forum later.
My first gun is actually bersa thunder.

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Cowboy Bob yep it's a vic vision.
Luv in my 380 cc. I'm even looking at trading my Taurus pt145 pro millennium in for the bersa 45 compact or the 9mm cc.

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Just got off eBay there were some good offerings for mags. If you don't mind used. :)

Mike Parker
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