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Just acquired a new (to me at least) .380 Thunder for a new CCW piece and joined to just learn about nuances of this particular firearm.

I am in no way new to firearms, having bought my first one in 1965 (still have it). I've done the full auto thing owning as many as seven at one time but sold them all in 2011. Got a Godfather deal. Someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. With the price of ammo, I'm just as glad to be rid of them.

I wanted a new summer carry piece (lighter weight) and looked long and hard at a PPK but just couldn't rationalize the price. I settled on the Thunder and feel it's every bit as capable as the PPK with a much much smoother trigger pull. And, being that many times it will be in my car console, if it's broken into I am not out $650 - $700 for the PPK.

So anyway, new member here and look forward to sharing experiences with my latest acquisition.

Georgia Guy

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Welcome to the forum GeorgiaGuy from New Jersey. I think you made the right decision by getting the BT380. Some years ago, I plopped down the 600+ bucks for the Walther PPK/S and was very disappointed. I hated that gun in that it was very finicky about ammo you fed it, and was a real Jam-o-matic. Also, it gave me real bad slide bite. I kept it for about six months before I traded it away. Got my Bersa Thunder, fell in love with it so much that I got the BT22 as well. IMHO, I'll take Bersa over Walther, any day!
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