Health and fitness of gun owners.

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    The physical fitness along with the mental fitness of a gun owner is as important as the expensive equipment that one has. Without good physical and mental fitness we become more a liability in the effective defensive use, of the gun.

    I myself have a few medical conditions that have side lined me as disabled. Though I seem to be mentally fit (depending on who you ask) the body just does not want to work like it did in the past.

    How does it affect my defensive use of a weapon? Well I cannot run to take cover as well, nor do I want to drop to the ground sense I possibly could not get back up to move. The use of some weapons for any viable offensive / defensive use is all but a dream sense I have a hard time holding up a Cetme for a long period, the Cetme’s draw back is it is heavy.

    What can one like myself do to help over come some of the liabilities I have? Well to be quite frank some of the physical damage will never heal nor will I find much to compensate for it. I how ever can do a few thing, like lose about 50 lbs, Walk as much as I am able to, take up some weight training to help with strength, and help tone this flabby body I got, stop smoking, cut drinking of alcohol, (which I have done).

    Cut sweets (I don’t eat or drink much in sweets at all), cut my salt intake by half, (this I have actually done) Watch what I eat, (I do this all the time, I watch it go on the fork and into my mouth) that is why I need to lose about 50 lbs. I still need to work on my coffee intake, I don’t drink coffee after 10 am but up until that time I will drink a lot of it.

    As far as mental fitness goes I am perfectly sane it is everyone else who is crazy.

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    I'm in pretty good shape overall...can still run and climb hills while hunting

    without getting winded...not on any meds for anything...walk my dog a mile

    twice a day...still ride my mountain bike up and down hills in my area.

    No problems or complaints here... Thank God !!

  3. David

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    I will never be able to hear an attack, attacker, window break, or door kicked in. That reminds me....

    Once, years ago, my fiancee and I were asleep in her apartment. In the middle of the night, I suddenly had a bright flashlight shining in my sleeping face. I froze, carefully trying to see the figure behind the flashlight. Gradually, I could see a gun, and a belt, and a radio, and finally, a badge. I jumped up, told him that my fiancee and I are both deaf. I turned on the lights to read his lips.

    "Did y'all call 911?", he asked.

    "I don't know", I replied, fearful for my kids. So, I ran into the other two bedrooms to find the kids sound asleep.

    "Nobody called 911," I told the officer.

    "****." He said. "I got the wrong apartment."

    Apparently, someone called 911 from the apartment complex and somewhere along the lines of communication, the wrong apartment number was assumed. Officer had banged on all the windows and the front door for a good 20 minutes before assuming it was a legitimate 911 call. So, he kicked in the door.

    We never heard a thing.
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    Damn, good thing you kept your head and identified those inside, that could have gone very poorly very fast if you'd run out guns a blazing as I think I many would have done.

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    Couldn't have happened. Cop was standing over us, at the foot of the bed, flashlight in our faces, as we slept soundly. If I had failed to identify him and went for my handgun, he easily could have shot me much quicker than I could have to him.

    When my fiancee realized that there was a "hot" cop standing in our dark bedroom, staring at us, she said, "oh, I thought I was having that dream again." :eek: