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Heads-up on 7.62x39 spam can deal

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I was on PSA's link to look for gun parts & found this, IN STOCK.:eek:

I'm full up on 7.62x39 right now so I'm passing it you fellow members.
The way I figure it is 31.2 cents per round before shipping & most places are selling this ammo for 35 cents per up, if they have it in stock.;)
Thank me later just buy while you can!:D
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On line ammo buyers and not.

All who are struggling to find ammo, I was sent a link from a friend of mine. That link is http:/ This web site is updated often and is user friendly. If you are already aware of this site than you are one up on me. It shows you who has ammo and who does not. Backordered ect... Most rifle and handgun calibers available. FYI...
Thank for the heads up. Came across an SKS back in November and headed out to a local GS. Bought a spam can of the same. In stock no less. 880 rds. 349.00 plus the tip for uncle sam. And they threw in a can key. The possey is getting ready to load up and head to the range.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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