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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our brothers and sisters here on the Bersa Forum and Eagle Imports for all their work put in to bringing quality firearms to the people of the states!!

Enjoy a day off.
Hopefully with family in such a strange year.
With governors telling us to stay away from each other.
Sit and relax to a good meal and give thanks for all we have!!

There have been so many good people on this forum and many disappeared years ago.

A Big HELLO! to:

Pancho covering our southern most point!
Renaldo out in our northwest!
Toakey keeping Ohio straight!
Dutchboy out biking somewhere with the New Jersey devil!
Retired1 on the OK/TX border!
9UC tucked away in Texas!
Rond whose opinion I value!
Butcherman who is having his morning coffee watching the train on the Altoona curve!
Mules who I believe was enjoying one of the Carolina's!
Greg_R who was a Volunteer from Tennessee if I recall!
Shooter13 hanging out in Lancaster!

And many, many more who have made this forum great!

And also, again, thank you Eagle Imports for your hard work!

God bless everyone!!

Michael and Karen

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Thank you Michael & Karen.

The local Rural King advertised a 500 round brick of Aguila 22LR for $18.98 starting this morning at 7 AM. Now, I’ve never done these Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales before but since I’m burning 22 ammo these days I figured I’d give it a try. Hey, I figured Rural King is not like a Walmart or Target so I got over there at 7:15. I was right! There was no line coming out the door so I quickly walked to the back corner of the store where the sporting goods Dept. is and there was a line of about 15 people. The RK worker who was managing the line asked me what I wanted and I said the 22 ammo. After she and the people in line stopped laughing, she told me the were already sold out. I quickly walked out of the store and drove back to the house to have breakfast with my bride of 54 years.
I’m good on 22 ammo for a couple-few months. I guess I better start looking into air pistols. Or is that ammo in short supple also?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
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