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Happy New Year !!

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The Management and Staff of the Bersa Forum would like to take this opportunity to wish all the membership a safe and Happy New Year...

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Thank so much an to you as well!
Tonight's Plan...

Tonights plans are the same as in years past...

1.) Sirloin Steak and Shrimp on the grill...salad on the side.
2.) Guinness Draught and Tullamore Dew on ice...
3.) A Magnum of Korbel Brut Champagne for toasting at midnight
4.) Two Cohiba Red Dots...for after dinner and at midnight
5.) My lovely wife and daughter at my side...
6.) Neighbors from both sides and across the lane stop by...

Priceless..., what does everyone else got planned ?!
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Happy New Year

We're going to my Wife's aunts for some finger foods, adult beverages, and some cards
Just finished shoveling snow. Gonna relax. Probably wont go out.
Watching football. Getting ready for Florida Gators and Louisville Cardinals Sugar Bowl. Will toast a drink with my wife tonight she is a Arkansas Razorback.
Happy New Year! To all Bersa forums members.
Happy New Year!
Watching the Mummers Day Parade right now on TV...

For "youse" not knowledgeable about this Philly tradition ...a primer:
Happy New Year to all.

Wife and I prepared some tamales for all the family at Xmas and had the last 2 dozen for New Years. Wife made the usual black eye peas. Son left for a staff party at the university where he works at. Daughter went to another ranchito to visit friends and bring back some menudo for the wife. I don't eat it. For those that don't know what is, a kinda spicy soupish mixure of cubed cow stomach and hominy, lotta chile powder and spices. Kinda an ethnic Mexicano thing I could never get the hang of eating. My mother made it every New Year's and my wife would eat it,not me. Suppose to be good for hangovers. Made me puke just to look at it.

I just had the usual TNT mix (Tamales and Tequila). Good for heartburn. Had the wife break out the liter bottle of Disaronno I got her for Xmas and share some over the rocks. Watched a couple of new flicks too.

I had planned to bump off a couple of mags from my AK into the backstop, but the ammo thing kinda bothered me too much to do it. So had to settle for 12 ga. Plenty of that around.
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A belated Happy New Year to all of the Bersa forum.

Our tradition for New Year's eve is:
Fillet and Lobster with steamed veggies
A large selection of Adult beverages
My wife and I along with my daughter and new son in law
A few good friends stopping by before heading out for the night
We feel not only safer at home but happier knowing we are together as a family.

So my wish for 2013 is; may ammo prices drop across the board, may gun control once again mean hitting the 10 ring, may we walk the streets of our home towns safely, may we enjoy all of our Constitutional Rights without prejudice, may we enjoy our families daily in good health, may our finances be sufficient to enable us the things we need and some of what we want.
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