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    My son-in-law and I were going to go out back to the range and have some group therapy so I decided to make it a family event and got the girls to come along. I checked all of the firearms before we started and the wife's was the cleanest of all of them:).

    We had a good time going thru about 50 rounds thru every gun, when the wife asks me when we are going to look for a big sister to her Bersa .380. Yeah this got me stoked as it involves 2 of my favorite things to do, a trip to the LGS and several trips to the range. I figured she might want a 9mm but she said that she wants to step up to a .45 and keep the .380 as a back up. Now this is a long way from the wife that wanted to start with a .22 and leave it in the night stand more often than not, as Lulu (her .380) is on her side 90% of the time. We shall see what she brings home this time. :):):)
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    Sounds like a great family day...thanks for sharing.

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    Both my son and daughter enjoy shooting pistols. Wife, not so much. Feel blessed your entire family does.