Happy Halloween...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SHOOTER13, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. SHOOTER13

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    ...to all my friends here on the Bersa Forum !!

  2. Pancho_Villa

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    That's one hell of a scary pumpkin SHOOTER.

    Gun show I will be attending sometimes has gun traders dressed in Halloween stuff. Ghouls with Guns, Zombies with guns etc. Some give away candy. Keeps the c crowd enntertained and more come in.

    The locals will be having their annual Halloween Carnival this weekend. Town use to have like 7K population in the city and about 3K rural. A real hay ride with tractors pullling flatbeds with hay bales, cake walks, haunted houses in old buildings, tractor mowers pulling kiddie carts, assorted food for sale. The whole nain street just shuts down. Midnight horror movie at the only theater in town too. This year they are having to move to a small park where all the town drunks hang out. Main highway traffic has been routed through the old main due to the new ffreeway that is being built. Progress takes it's toll.

    Anyway, I will be at the gunshow with the Gunshow Ghouls.:D

  3. Shooter

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    I will be trick or treating.

    I will then eat 99% of the candy that night and get a stomach ache.

    Being an adult is awesome.