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Hadn't seen any H&R threads here or HiPoint, so I started a new thereat.

A classic .22 revolver for some anyway, The Harrington and Richardson Model 999 Sportsman in .22 cal. S, L, or LR. It is a 9 shot DA/SA top break revolver with a rear sight adjustable for windage, front for elevation. Vent rib, 4" barrel in blue finish. Barrels on these apparently were only in 6" untill 1979 when a 4" barrel was introduced. So it would have to be a 3rd issue model with production running until 1986.

This particular gun appears to have little or no use. It had a little frost in places on the blue that cleaned up well. Probably in 95% condt. or better. Guy I bought it from had been carrying it around a gunshow for about 30 minutes when I asked him about it. he wanted 250 for it, which was not bad for one with a box and papers. Some of the dealers had told him it was worth in the 3-359 range,but no one would even make an offer even though he had it priced a bill less. He also said he had a HiPoint 9 mil that he had bought new and he had to sell them both. he wanted 150 for the HiPoint. I was really interested in the H&R as I had a 6" one in nice shape and had to sell it. So 4 bills for the pair. HiPoint was at new gun price. Actually a bit higher.

Anyway, I low balled the guy on it at 175. Told him I really didn't want the HIPoint unless I got it for like 75 bucks. He really beeetched about that cause he had just bought it a year ago, or so he said. He had the box and paperwork with it. He finally came down to 2 on the H&R and a bill and a quarter on the HiPoint. Buy both to get a deal or 325 for both. he claimed he had alreday been offered 280 for both. I stuck 3 C notes in his face and he went for it.

That got me into the H&R at a really great price. I had been trying to get a Sportsman out of an old man that had been at the this show and the last one at the same place. He had wanted 350 for his, but it was unfired. He still was carrying it at thisshow and left with it. This oen will work for me and I like the 4" barreled revolvers better. I will have no problem turning the HiPoint at the next show and probably get back half or more than what I gave for both guns.

H&R Sportsman Model 999 .22 cal.

The HiPoint 9HC. The old "Brick on a Stick.." I have had several of these in assorted calibers. NEVER had one fail to feed or fire...... so far. Same for the carbines. I have had several used ones. No problems. Had an extra mag for this gun already. It was a 19 shot mag from a 995 carbine. It works in the pistol, just sticks out the bottom.

Got a chance to load a few rounds in them last night and fire them out the back door. I know they work. Had to cook a brisket theis morning for my daughter's work staff party. Might get to shoot them a bit later today.

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Here's my 999. I really liked the looks of the old top break design and had to have one. It really makes a great little .22 revolver. Quick and easy to reload and easily dispatches foxes, raccoons and possums with a head shot at close range. It wears my home made apitong wood target grips now.
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