Grips mod of my Firestorm .22

Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by Leo, May 15, 2013.

  1. Leo

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    So here is my grips mod of my Firestorm .22. (picked up on gunbroker in June for $275 new with 2 mags-$325 after shipping and FFL, scored 2 mags for $50 there as well) This quickly became one of my favorite range pieces. I choose FS over Thunder because I like the look of the round trigger guard much more.
    I love the look of walnut and blue steel so I got factory walnut grips for it - they felt too wide :( I saw an "unknown bersa grips" on GB and got them on a hunch for $20. They turned out to be for an older model without slide release cutout. So 10 min with a dremel and here you go :

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  2. Stratojaxter

    Stratojaxter Well-Known Member

    That works. I like it.

  3. jpshaw

    jpshaw Well-Known Member

    Great looking FS there Leo. That's the advantage of wooden grips. You can change them. The trigger guard is a no-issue with me also since I don't use it for my weak hand support.
  4. CPSinWC

    CPSinWC Active Member

    Looks good. Personally didn't think I'd like walnut on my blued, but it looks really good.
  5. snakeye

    snakeye Well-Known Member

    Nice looking.....good job on modifying the grips